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  28th July 2000  

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Issue 10  -  Friday 28th July 2000


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Jessica Maybury Rides Again!
Cabouchon has bought the Jessica Maybury trading name and network database from the liquidator.  Now they're inviting former Jessica Maybury Consultants to join their team.

Telecom Plus Floats On Stock Exchange
The telecommunications reseller, Telecom Plus, was floated on the London Stock Exchange on Wednesday 26th July.  The company, which supplies fixed and mobile services in the UK, raised 4 million and is now valued around 108 million.

LineOne Withdraws Free Internet Calls Deal
LineOne has just announced the withdrawal of their special deal offering free Internet access calls.

DFKL Closure Shock!
Just in case you missed last week's special update issue, we've repeated our stop press news item about the closure of Dorling Kindersley Family Learning.

Tell Us Your News
Do you know about something new in network marketing?  If so, email us about it at, and we'll run a front page story about it.  You can be credited as our reporter - or remain a secret "mole" - whichever you prefer.


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Of Parachutes And Gas Ovens
Knowledge, support, action, and an escape route.  Joy Healey reckons we need all four to succeed in network marketing.

12 Reasons Why People Fail In Network Marketing
Why is it some people make a good living at network marketing while others don't do so well?  John T. Wilson describes the most common reasons for failure.

Complaining Customers Are Good For Business
It's human nature to avoid unpleasant experiences like customer complaints.  Nobody likes bad news.  But uncovering customer complaints and resolving them well can give you a powerful competitive advantage.  Bob Leduc explains how.

Share Your Experience
We're always looking for experienced networkers to write feature articles.  Why not share what you've learned with the rest of us?  Tell us what worked for you - and what to avoid.  If you can make sense for 1000 words we'll be happy to put your article on the front page like this.  In return you can place a free advert at the foot of your article.  How about that for a good deal?  If you're interested check out Authors Wanted or email us at


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DKFL Closure
Everyone seems to agree that Pearson have treated DKFL's networkers pretty shabbily.  However Peter Clothier takes issue with some of the comments in our DFKL Closure Shock! story.

Tell Us What You Think
This website is intended for you - the ordinary network marketer.  So tell us what you think about network marketing and the companies and schemes you have tried.  Or if you've got a bee in your bonnet - let it out!  We really welcome your comments - and will happily publish them - provided they are not too extreme!  Just email us at


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Customer Loyalty Is A Two Way Street
The concept of customer loyalty has taken quite a bashing recently.  Paul Nicholson fears some companies are losing the plot.


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Tell Us Your Gossip
Have you heard any good rumours?  Has anyone you know done something interesting?  Tell us the juicy details so we can spread it around.

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