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  8th September 2000  

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Issue 12  -  Friday 8th September 2000


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Which Company? Criteria Improved
We've just updated our criteria for evaluating network marketing companies and their schemes.  Paul Nicholson has the details.

Downline - The First Six Months
It's just over six months since Downline was launched on an unsuspecting world.  Paul Nicholson reviews our achievements so far.

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Why Network Marketing?
It's been said that the British are a nation of shop-keepers.  Joy Healey explains why network marketing is a bit like running a small shop - but much easier!

Moments Of Truth: Letters
Little things can have a major impact on your customers' perceptions of you.  Paul Nicholson describes how to give the right impression with the letters you send.

How To Use "Hot Markets" To Build Your Business
Hot markets offer a profitable business opportunity for minimum risk - especially if you can get in early.  Bob Leduc tells us how to find and exploit them.

Investigators at a major research institution have discovered the heaviest element known to science.  This startling new discovery has been tentatively named Administratium (Ad).

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Why So Secretive?
Some networking companies are very secretive about their business plans.  Paul Nicholson wonders what they're hiding.


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Issue 12 will be published at 6pm on Friday 22nd September 2000.  Contributions need to reach us by 6pm on Wednesday 20th September.