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  20th October 2000  

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Issue 15  -  Friday 20th October 2000


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0800unlimited "Suspended"
The free internet company's December launch has been suspended after it was inundated with complaints about spamming.  Paul Nicholson has the details.

  NEW     Connect 4
We thought maybe Downline was becoming just a teensy bit too serious.  So this is the first of an occasional series of fun and games items. 

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Moments Of Truth:  Emails
Little things can have a major impact on your customers' perceptions of you.  Paul Nicholson describes how to create the right impression with the emails you send. 

Don't Overlook Your Most Profitable Source Of Business
As Bob Leduc explains, selling more to your existing customers can be much more rewarding than hunting for new customers. 

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Simply Stuck - New Name, New Partnership
The Stuck2U partnership has been dissolved.  However, as Georgie King explains, it's business as usual with
Simply Stuck a new, bigger and better partnership.

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Scruffy Customers
Paul Nicholson often moans about scruffy-looking junk mail.  Now he's got a different bee in his bonnet - scruffy enquiries from would-be customers!  


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Issue 16 will be published at 6pm on Friday 10th November 2000.  Contributions need to reach us by 6pm on Wednesday 8th November.