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  10th November 2000  

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Issue 16  -  Friday 10th November 2000


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  NEW!      NM Bookshop Launched
There are some great books about network marketing.  Now you can buy them online through Downline's NM Bookshop - in association with

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Simple Low-Cost Marketing
Bob Leduc tells us how to get excellent results using very simple marketing methods.

Naughty But Nice
Joy Healey investigates the Chocolate Exchange - a chain letter for chocoholics.

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Apology, Complaint & Special Offer
Our abject apologies to everyone who tried to play the Connect 4 game in the last issue.  The game didn't work - but nobody complained!  So now we'll give you a FREE advert for reporting a fault in our website.


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Hackers Steal Microsoft Secrets
Several newspapers report that hackers recently breached the security firewalls at Microsoft's Seattle headquarters - and stole an early version of the next release of Windows.  Wags say the company is furious - as they hadn't finished installing all the bugs!

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Issue 17 will be published at 6pm on Friday 24th November 2000.  Contributions need to reach us by 6pm on Wednesday 22nd November.