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  17th March 2000  

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Issue 2  -  Friday 17th March 2000

Welcome to Downline!
Welcome to the Downline website.  An exciting new source of information for network marketers!  We've started this Internet magazine to help you prosper.  To find out more just follow our Guided Tour.  Or register for our Free Trial to get full access to the password-protected pages.


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Warning For Networkers
A Yorkshire couple have been fined for breaches of the Food Labelling Regulations.  And their supplier pleaded guilty to Trade Descriptions Act offences.

Free Internet Price War
The price of so-called "free" access to the Internet is about to fall rapidly.  We review recent developments and their implications for network marketers.

Magnets "Don't Help Back Pain"
One of the first scientific tests of magnotherapy has concluded that the treatment has no effect on lower back pain.

It's Not Us Guv - Honest!
Beware of other "downline" websites.  We've found one that's distinctly dodgy.

Tell Us Your News
Do you know about something new in network marketing?  If so, email us about it at, and we'll run a front page story about it.  You can be credited as our reporter - or remain a secret "mole" - whichever you prefer.


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It's Far Too Easy To Join
John T. Wilson actually makes a big effort to stop people joining his downline.  Yes - to stop them!  He sets up a few barriers for them to climb over.  Crazy or what?  Or is he on to something? 

The Postcode Database
Can't read someone's address?  Not sure you've got the postcode right?  Paul Nicholson shows you how to check them using the Royal Mail Postcode Database.

Share Your Experience
We're looking for experienced networkers to write feature articles.  Why not share what you've learned with the rest of us?  Tell us what worked for you - and what to avoid.  If you can make sense for 1000 words we'll be happy to put your article on the front page like this.  In return you can place a free advert at the foot of your article.  How about that for a good deal?  If you're interested check out Authors Wanted or email us at


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DKFL Is Flying!
Despite the media speculation, all is not doom and gloom at Dorling KindersleyPeter Clothier sets the record straight.

Tell Us What You Think
This website is intended for you - the ordinary network marketer.  So tell us what you think about network marketing and the companies and schemes you have tried.  Or if you've got a bee in your bonnet - let it out!  We really welcome your comments - and will happily publish them - provided they are not too extreme!  Just email us at


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Calculating Commission
Let's have a standard way of calculating commission rates.  So we can get a fair comparison between all the schemes.


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Dick Cooper Wins Award
Northampton Journal has selected Dick Cooper to receive their Quality and Service Award.  Accepting the award, Dick thanked Euphony for introducing him to their business - and thanked his downline team for their support.  Congratulations Dick!

Linzi Day Overtakes Trevor Angel
In the battle for top UK earner at Changes International, we hear that Linzi Day has taken the lead position, overtaking Trevor Angel.  This despite spending 3 months basking in the South African sun.  Well done Linzi!

Stupid Mole!
Got it wrong!  The major new network marketing company (see 3rd March issue) is about to launch in April, not March.  Sorry!  And we're still sworn to secrecy - so don't hold your breath!

Tell Us Your Gossip
Have you heard any good rumours?  Has anyone you know done something interesting?  Tell us the juicy details so we can spread it around.

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Issue 3 will be published on the website at 6pm on Friday 31st March 2000.  Contributions and adverts need to reach us by 6pm on Tuesday 28th March.