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Advertising Pays

by Felix Ferrero

Every business needs customers, and the easiest way to get them is to advertise effectively.  Hopefully the pointers in this article will help you get more out of your advertising.

Finding the right way to advertise your product is often difficult.  You may be tempted to opt for free advertising on classified sites, which although can work, this may not be the best way for you to advertise.

Your advert must appeal to the audience.  If your advert is short and to the point, it is more likely to get peoples interest going.  Long adverts packed with information don't normally work, unless they are targeted to someone personally or a full page advert.  Make sure you describe what your product/service is or what the benefits are and also include details of how they can get further information.  If you are going to include a telephone number, try not to use a mobile.  This may put people off from ringing to ask questions.  If need be use a personal number.  This can make you seem more professional.

Search engines are a very good way of advertising your product/service, but will only work if you have an actual webpage (many internet opportunities provide you with your own URL).   If you are trying to submit a URL from an Internet Opportunity program, you will find that your site will most probably not be listed on the search engine.  The reason for this is quite simple, search engines can recognise multiple submissions of a particular domain, eg. sixfigureincome, wildfire etc.

Have you ever thought of advertising in Ezines or email newsletters?  These are often a very effective way of advertising, your advert is seen by targeted subscribers and often the advertising is free.  Ezines also can have a very large subscriber base.  Most have between 500-2500 subscribers, each receiving the ezine on a regular basis.  Some of the more popular ezines will have thousands of subscribers, but advertising can be rather expensive.

The most common way of advertising on the internet is with classified sites.  These are very cheap (normally free) and your ad can be seen by thousands of potential customers.  The main problem with this type of advertising is the quantity of ads submitted.  Your ad might be placed at the top of the page, but within minutes it could have disappeared.

Adsheets or Magazines are also a good way of advertising.  The cost is normally quite low, and your ad is normally seen by the right sort of people for your business.   Many magazines offer special advertising deals for subscribers.  These normally more than cover the cost of your subscription and so make a subscription worth the money.

Hopefully the information contained in this article will help you with your advertising.  Just remember Advertising Pays, but you have to make it pay for you.  Don't worry if you don't get any response from an advert, learn from it, change the content of your advert and try again. 

Issue 23, Friday 30th March 2001


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