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Conditions of Use

  If you like what you see, please tell your friends.  If there's anything you don't like please tell us!


All of the material in this website is copyright.  Visitors and subscribers are welcome to print, copy or store single copies for their own personal use.  You may not print, copy or store copies for other people or organisations.  Not for re-sale and not for free distribution.

Consequential Damage

We do take care to ensure that the advice and guidance on our site is soundly based.  However, before acting on anything we (or our contributors) suggest, you must decide for yourself whether that advice fits your personal circumstances.  Neither we, nor our contributors, can accept any liability for the consequences of your actions - not even if you have followed our advice to the letter.

Privacy Policy

We only hold personal information for our own business purposes.  We won't sell (or give) our mailing list to any other organisations and we won't use our list to send you unsolicited offers.  The only information we hold about you is the information you have given us and the name given by your friends under the "Tell Your Friends" scheme (below).

Tell Your Friends

All our advertisers are automatically eligible for our "Tell Your Friends" commission scheme.  When we can identify that a new advertiser has come to us on your recommendation we'll pay you commission.  First we'll look for your name on the new advertiser's order form.  Failing that, we'll check our database to see if you had nominated the new advertiser as a friend.  If two people have nominated the same friend, credit will go to the one who nominated them first.


We welcome Sponsorships, Sub-Sites, Classified Adverts and Who's Who? Entries from individuals and companies.  

However, we reserve the right to refuse adverts, or require changes to them, if we suspect they may be illegal, indecent, dishonest, untruthful, unfair, in breach of the Trading Schemes legislation, or otherwise inappropriate for our visitors and customers.  

We won't accept adverts for pornography, gambling, alcohol, tobacco or weapons - even if these are legal where you live.  We won't accept any adverts unless we have adequate details about the person or organisation placing them.

We do accept adverts for opportunities before they are fully operational (pre-launch).  However, we insist on marking them specially with a link to a warning about the uncertainties of pre-launch opportunities.  


We welcome your contributions of letters, news items and feature articles.  However, we reserve the right to select which ones we publish, and to edit them.  We won't publish anonymous material - although we may, at our discretion, publish on a "name and address supplied" basis.

We won't accept material which includes blatant advertising in the main text.  However, it is acceptable to include an advert at the foot of a feature article as long as it is clearly separated from it.

Contributions may have to join a queue of material awaiting publication.  So we can't guarantee to publish your contributions in any particular issue.

All material submitted for publication remains the copyright of the author.  But, by sending it to us, the author grants us the permanent right to publish it on our website without fees or royalties.


We welcome complaints.  That doesn't mean we're trying to generate them!  We don't intend to get things wrong but we may do so inadvertently.  

If you feel we've made a mistake - please tell us.  Give us a chance to sort it out.  Then at least we can say we're sorry, put it right, and stop it happening again.  The last thing we want you to do is tell your friends you're not happy with us.

Legal Position

Downline Magazine is the trading name of Carol Nicholson,  Round Lodge,  Belstead Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 9EH.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and any disputes shall be settled in English courts.

Value Added Tax

The company is not registered for Value Added Tax.  So no VAT is included in our prices.