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  Deliveries And Payments  

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Deliveries And Payments

from Roger Bowen

Congratulations on the new venture.  After quickly scanning Issues 4 & 5 I can see I'll be keeping a close eye on the news.  I wish you success with the publication for the future.

With reference to your article in "Best Practice: Door-To-Door" I should like to put an alternative viewpoint to the second paragraph in "Choosing A Product" - the paragraph that refers to the best companies taking the responsibility for taking orders from customers and delivering products directly to them.  I can see how this may appear to be to a distributor's advantage, but having worked for some time now with a well-known company that leaves all of this to the distributor I would disagree.

There have been many technological advances in home shopping in recent years, but we find that our customers welcome the personal touch.  Delivering products to their home is the best opportunity to develop a friendly relationship with them, and this has paid off with increasing value and regularity of orders.  We place great emphasis in training our downline distributors in the skills needed in handling customers so that they too will benefit from such relationships.  If we look after our customers well we can develop a sizeable customer base very quickly, and the financial rewards will be at least double the national minimum wage just from commission alone, even allowing for the time taken to deliver the products.  This will increase further in time, and with the added power of network marketing the income potential is without limit.

Collecting the payment from customers gives immediate income to a distributor as the commission is taken directly from the customers' payments.  Our company adds a four-weekly bonus for volume of orders over a certain level which can enhance that commission quite considerably, even before a distributor has found others to join their team.  We make use of the new technology by placing our customers' orders with the company and receiving the products for distribution the next day.  By using the Internet for ordering we also avoid the delivery charges that feature in Issue 5 of "Downline"!

Thank you for publishing this, and good luck for the future to "Downline".

Issue 6, Friday 19th May 2000