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  24th November 2000  

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Issue 17  -  Friday 24th November 2000


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Christmas Shopping
NM Bookshop isn't just about business books - it's the full catalogue of  That means all kinds of books - fiction, special interests, reference - delivered to your door.  Plus music, videos, and computer games.  Now you can do your Christmas shopping in the comfort of your own home.

Winning Ways
In this issue we're delighted to publish the first of a series of articles by Jeff Goulding.  These will build into a twelve-part manual telling you exactly what it takes to succeed in network marketing.

Luxelle are taking another step towards their vision of being the "Department Store" of direct selling.  They already have a deal with Pierre Balmain cosmetics.  Now they're adding two more prestigious French fashion brands - Rodier and Ventilo.

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MLM - The Great Deception
The first article in Jeff Goulding's new series - "Winning Ways" - explodes some of the myths about network marketing success.

Google AdWords
One of the world's leading search engines, Google, has recently launched a novel form of Internet advertising.  Paul Nicholson has been trying it out.

The Unexpected "Thank You"
Bob Leduc explains how saying "thank you" helps customers to feel they were right to buy from you.

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Do Network Marketing Companies Really Believe In Network Marketing?
Some companies object to their distributors having other irons in the fire.  John T. Wilson reckons they're being short-sighted.


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Jane Hancock
We were very sorry to hear that Jane Hancock is withdrawing from her networking activities because of serious health problems.  She is setting up a UK support group for people suffering from primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) and wants to focus her energies on that.  We wish her all the very best!

Changes International
Special congratulations to Linzi Day on reaching 4-Star Elite status with Changes International - the first in Europe and one of only a tiny handful in the world!  Congratulations also go to Vida Butcher, Joy Fourie, Kris Harris, Joanna Hawke, Rionne Hill, Tim Oakey, Joan Ratcliffe and Judy Taylor who all reached 4-Star status recently.

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Issue 18 will be published at 6pm on Friday 15th December 2000.  Contributions need to reach us by 6pm on Wednesday 13th December.