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  15th December 2000  

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Issue 18  -  Friday 15th December 2000

Seasons Greetings
We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas

and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Carol & Paul Nicholson


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Practical Homeworking Newsletter
Practical Homeworking is a new low-cost newsletter from Andrew Watton of Rags to Riches fame.

Image First Sub-Site Updated
The adverts from the December issue of the Busy Bee Advertiser are now on our website.

One Of The "Sacred Cows" Of Networking Debunked
This is the second part of Jeff Goulding's series of articles - "Winning Ways".  These will build into a twelve-part manual telling you exactly what it takes to succeed in network marketing.

Special Offers From Viking Direct
Docuprint inkjet printer, only 49.99 plus VAT; Polaroid instant camera, only 21.99 plus VAT; Tetley 1-cup tea bags, 440 pack, only 7.99 plus VAT;  High back leather chair, only 59.99 plus VAT.

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How To Reverse A Slump In Business -- Fast
All businesses have their ups and downs.  Bob Leduc tells us what to do when sales fall off.

Recruitment 1 - Serious Business Building
In the second article of his "Winning Ways" series, Jeff Goulding tells us how to focus our recruiting efforts on the right people. 

This is the latest addition to our Fun & Games section.  If you're old enough to remember Breakout - one of the earliest computer arcade games - you'll love this little Java Applet.  Be warned though - it can be seriously addictive.

Twelve Silly Thoughts For Christmas
A few ideas for you to ponder on while recovering from Christmas over-indulgence.

Share Your Experience
Write us an article and get a free advert.  See Authors Wanted.


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The 'Post-It' Phenomenon
Joy Healey reckons that people who stick yellow 'Post-It' notes on their flyers are sending the wrong signals.


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Issue 19 will be published at 6pm on Friday 12th January 2001.  Contributions need to reach us by 6pm on Wednesday 10th January.