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We've been delighted by the very positive (and unsolicited!) reactions of visitors to our website.  Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words.  Here are just a few examples:


"Downline is such good value.  I've already got 4 good contacts from it.  Also I thoroughly enjoy checking it regularly to see who is new!  And it's great that we are kept up to date with the latest network news."

Carol Brown


"Just a short note to congratulate you on an excellent publication.  It is great to get an inside into other peoples visions of Network Marketing, as we can get caught up in our own methods of operating only too easily.  I have found Pam Richardson's training (especially the Coaching articles) very useful, easy to read and good sound advice.  Keep up the good work!"

Eddie Daly


"I enjoy browsing the site every month to see what's new in the NM world."

Peter Clothier


"I have no hesitation in introducing your "Downline" to my Downline and would recommend anyone working from home to use this site.  I received a rapid response and excellent service from what I feel to be a 100% really genuine and trustworthy place to do business. (Very rare these days)."

David E Nicholson (no relation)


"May I say what a great service you do for networkers and how helpful your articles are."

Dennis Halberg


"Congratulations on a brilliant and interesting newsletter." 

Julie Brown


"I have now placed three people in my downline as a result of my classified ad!"   (after 2 months - Ed.)

Anne Baron


"Downline is excellent and I know where I'll be coming in future to keep
up to date with the latest in opportunity news.  Keep up the obvious hard work."

Gary Vine


"This is a really useful site - nice to see NM from a UK point of view." 

Ian Richards


"Thanks for putting together an informative and inspirational website-magazine.  We appreciate you."

Rich & Mari Kulakowski


"Superb newsletter, very well laid out, professional & informative.  Keep up the great work."

Trevor Mitchell


"Most of my distributors come via Downline.  I have advertised for a year and I am very pleased."

Peter Gow


"I really like the way you do business - friendly, not "in your face", and trusting.  It's a pleasure doing business with you."

Jacqy McNinch


"Excellent site guys.  Some great information here." 

Ken Millar


"Excellent site, very informative and good to have a place where people in the industry can share knowledge with others."

Alan Potter


"Many thanks for a great website." Steve Baker


"You are providing a great service and we really appreciate your work."

Kate Larvin


"Congratulations on a magnificent site."

Marie de Lotbinière Harwood


"Your site is brilliant!  I've been registered with you for nearly two years ... a great site that I'll continue to use and support"

Andrew G. Whitney


"Downline is the only e-zine I pay a subscription for.  I'm happy to pay as I feel I'm getting something of value."

Samantha Weekes


"Downline has lots of useful information,  It's just what we needed."

Martyn Brown, Editor, Working Hours Newsletter


"Downline is going to be the best on line Networkers magazine around.  Looks well balanced and the content is fantastic.  Good luck."

John Burdis


"Great site!"

Julie Davies,


"I commend you for producing an interesting and informative

Marie Gibb


"I think your Downline Internet Magazine looks really great.  Congratulations!"

Bernhart Goetz


"Downline is the best site for home business people that I've ever seen.  Well done!" 

Monica Marty


"I'm impressed with the quality.  You've certainly put a lot of time into thinking about the content."
Lynne O'Connor


"I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Downline as a great asset to all those involved within the home-working industry."
The Mill Advertiser


"Congratulations!  I've seen other business opportunity sites and Downline compares very favourably"

Anthony Shepherd, Editor, Wake Up And Smell The Coffee


"I've just come across your excellent website/newsletter.  I'm very impressed at the clarity with which it is set out, the ease of navigation and, of course, the interesting content."

Gordon Thornett


"It's the first time, that I can recall, that such a comprehensive magazine service has been offered over the web."
Andrew Watton


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