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What Price Loyalty?

Several network marketing companies still insist that their network marketers stick to selling products at the full brochure price.  Discounting is forbidden.  So we were surprised to see a well-known company's products on sale in our local Tesco at prices well below their brochure.  It seems they have done a promotional deal with several supermarkets - on terms far more generous than those available to their network marketers.

We don't think this is fair.  The company's network marketers have worked hard to bring in rapidly growing business.  Now their loyalty is being repaid by the company undercutting them and discrediting them with their regular customers.  If supermarkets can discount the company's prices, why can't their network marketers do the same.  Let's see a level playing field from now on.

Paul Nicholson, Downline Editor

Pre-Launch Issue, 18th February 2000

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